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jeudi 3 août 2017, par David

The hammam at La Brise has been in operation since July 2017.
Entirely covered in polished green marble mosaic, this space for calm and well-being was designed and conceived by us in line with the oriental tradition.
It is automated, regulated and programmed to be used every day of your stay between 5.45 pm and 7pm (it pre-heats to 32 °c from 5pm and then heats to 43 °c from 5.30pm to 7pm)
An external pump injects doses of essential oils through the steam at 100°c.
You will also find waterproof candles to soften the atmosphere ...
A cold or warm shower will allow you to alternate the nature of your sessions (a maximum of 15) and revitalise the circulation.
6 people maximum. Child access is not permitted.
The hammam, unlike the sauna, is a place that is saturated with moisture and water vapour. It is this water vapour which gives the sensation of very high heat. Moisture and heat provide beneficial effects to the skin, as the duo perform deep cleaning. Thanks to the combined effect of moisture and heat, the pores open, which makes it easier to eliminate the toxins and bacteria present on the skin.
In addition to the benefits of essential oils, the combined action of steam and heat stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Strong sweating helps the metabolism get rid of harmful toxins. Prolonged exposure to moist heat also clears the respiratory passages and is proven to be very useful in treating conventional respiratory tract disorders. After a steam bath, the skin, finally released from impurities and dead cells, is smoother, supple and luminous.

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